BASIC Reformer focuses on form and technique with an emphasis on the five basic Principles in the STOTT Pilates repertoire. It’s a perfect introductory class for beginner members who want to build a strong Pilates foundation, but also great for members who wish to review the Pilates fundamentals to ensure accuracy and stability before moving toward more advanced work. 

Level: 1 

Prerequisites: 3 Private Sessions

Foot Attire: Grip socks


Our signature reformer class takes our Basic class and kicks it up a notch. This fun and challenging class incorporates functional and traditional reformer exercises with a focus on balance, strength and coordination.  You can expect to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups—with an emphasis on your core. In addition to the reformer, you can expect to use other props such as fitness circles, flex bands, and weights to create an added challenge and variety to your traditional Pilates repertoire. This is also a great class for athletes of all levels seeking to enhance their performance. 

Level: 2-3

Prerequisites: BASIC Reformer (optional) 

Foot Attire: Grip socks


Cardio Reformer amplifies our signature Athletic Reformer class with the fat burning benefits of high-intensity interval training. This class will give you the reformer workout you love, but in an interval format where you will alternate between reformer exercises and short cardio intervals off the equipment for an increased heart rate. This class is the perfect mix of calorie blasting, high-intensity exercise with the Pilates principles and equipment you love.

Level: 1.5, 2, 3

Prerequisites: Athletic Reformer

Foot Attire: Grip socks


Circuit Pilates is creative and more advanced twist on our BASIC class. This fast pace, athletic workout utilizes all of the Pilates apparatus including reformer, tower, jump board, arc barrel and small props.  Perfect for those that want to feel the burn and strengthen the core!  Energizing, creative and never the same class twice.

Level: 1-2

Prerequisites: None

Foot Attire: Grip socks + tennis shoes


This class is a combination of both traditional and contemporary mat and equipment based Pilates exercises combined with the TRX suspension trainer system. The Pilates Suspension Method is a great compliment and challenge to your current Pilates or Yoga practice to further increase and integrate core strength. This is a fun, innovative and challenging twist to regular Pilates and Fitness work.

​Level: Mixed Level

Prerequisites: BASIC or Athletic Reformer

Foot Attire: Grip socks