San Roque Pilates offers the acclaimed Booty Barre™ by Tracey Mallett and Total Barre™ by Merrithew Fitness, inventors of Stott Pilates. We offer private Barre appointments and intimate sized small group classes targeted towards your specific skill level. Our Barre classes are fun, energetic workouts that fuse techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga. Barre classes at San Roque Pilates will tone, define and chisel the whole body. These classes are the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre. All of our Barre training focuses on proper biomechanics for a safe and well structured class that can be modified for any fitness level.

All of our Barre instructors are fully certified and typically hold other teaching certifications such as Pilates, Yoga or Personal Training work and have a strong background in movement and/or dance. This means you benefit from additional insights adding more functional movements to your Barre routine.

Booty Barre

Developed by Master Pilates instructor Tracey Mallett, Booty Barre® is a ballet barre-based program which applies the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga with dance, helping to strengthen and sculpt the body. Unlike other barre programs, The Booty Barre® does not rely primarily on isometric muscle contractions, but instead incorporates more functional movement. Booty Barre® utilizes fluid and full ranges of motion, which helps prevent injuries as it more closely mimics how we move in real life. Burn fat, tone the entire body, and as the name implies, The Booty Barre® works on creating a tighter, higher behind.

Booty Barre® incorporates mat work and small accessories including hand weights, playground balls, and therapy bands.

Booty Barre Sculpt

Are you ready to take your barre training to the next level? Look no further! From the creator of the hottest barre workout in the world and the leader in barre industry teacher training, Tracey Mallett brings you BootyBarre Sculpt. This dynamic total body workout features our cutting edge BootyBarre Cuff which helps you experience fluid movement and seamless flow combined with functional strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Barre




  • Small classes at San Roque Pilates allow for a safe and effective experience with personalized attention for each client.
  • It’s fun and upbeat: Because its incorporated with dance, barre is a fun and exciting way to workout. The atmosphere will make the workout enjoyable, so you’ll want to keep coming back for more!
  • Hard on muscles, kind on joints.The small, super-controlled movements that take place in barre classes reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine. By doing barre regularly, you’ll also notice a remarkable improvement in your core strength and posture. While a tight core will give you a taller appearance, it will also keep you safe from injuries.
  • No experience required. Everyone has different starting points, strengths and challenges, and our instructors recognize that. If you are worried about not having any dance training or fear you won’t be able to ‘get it’ or keep up, rest assured that instructors will guide you through the movements and offer helpful feedback without singling you out
  • Work muscles to failure. Barre’s tiny motions, many reps, intentional squeezes and pulses (otherwise known as isometric moves) are designed to fatigue muscles to failure. Embrace the shaking as it’s totally natural for your muscles to quiver uncontrollably – it means you are exhausting that muscle and forcing it to tone.
  • Chiseled Abs. Barre routines involve pilates-based abdominal work and floor barre exercises to strengthen your core. Not only can this leave you with toned abs, but a strong core can reduce the risk of overusing your lower back muscles and putting additional stress on other joints.
  • Modifications for every age and level. The beauty of barre classes is that everyone works with small movements and can limit or expand their range of motion to suit their specific needs. Exercises can always be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, but can also be amplified if you’re advanced and looking for more of a challenge
  • Increased flexibility. Through focused stretching, an improved range-of-motion is one of the greatest benefits of barre exercise
  • Never boring, always fun. You’ll find that the time spent in class passes very quickly due to the fast pace, variety of exercises, upbeat music, ever-changing choreography and inspiring instructors. It’s never the same class twice!
  • Rapid results. Yes, you will be sore after the first few classes, but you’ll also see some major results in little time – so stick with it! If you perform a barre workout 2-4 times weekly, you will typically notice changes in as little as one month. Changes may include an improved posture, thinner thighs, chiseled arms, a sculpted back, flat abs and a lifted seat. Barre classes are incredibly effective at transforming so-called ‘problem’ areas, especially for women.

Barre Classes at San Roque Pilates

Barre Instruction at San Roque Pilates

All of the instructors at San Roque Pilates have completed extensive training and certification to ensure a safe and effective class experience for each client. We focus on body awareness while maintaining the intensity and high energy which makes Barre workouts so fun.


Studio Owner. Pilates, Barre and Fitness Instructor

Tasha Holmstrom is the founder and owner of San Roque Pilates located in Santa Barbara, California. Over the past fifteen years, Tasha has developed an extensive and diverse background in the areas of fitness, nutrition and wellness.

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